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About The Healing Center

Through 100+ combined years of experience in addiction treatment, we’ve developed a core set of beliefs that will provide healing and recovery from addiction in South Florida— and they’re reflected in every part of our addiction recovery program I’m South Florida.

One size addiction treatment does NOT fit all.

We recommend the 12-Step programs of recovery to many of the individuals that attend our addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, but our approach is holistic. Our variety of addiction treatment programs, such as our PHP, IOP, or OP addiction treatment levels of care— provide enhanced mind-body healing activities like yoga, massage, and outdoor recreation — This allows our residents to find the mix that works for their recovery from addiction in South Florida.

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Motivation is at the core of healing.

This is YOUR life — and if you’re invested, we can help you turn it around. Residents who are deeply motivated to heal and start fresh show remarkably high rates of long-term recovery from addiction.

Addiction Recovery must be practical

You’ve recovered from addition — now what? The Healing Center addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, FL is where the magic begins. But it cannot be sustained unless you’ve properly transitioned into real life. At The Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, life skills and job management are an integral part of our addiction treatment programs in South Florida. Because if you’re going to head back into society — and live the life you always wanted — you need practical tools and support.

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We’re a team of passionate addiction rehab professionals with one goal:

Help people live again. 

Because life with addiction is not a life.