Areas Serviced

At our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we service a multitude of locations across South Florida. Our facility was founded on the recognition that Southern Florida needed quality and compassionate addiction treatment facilities. Our team of addiction and mental health specialists is committed to providing a multi-faceted approach to your care. Our approach involves evidence-based addiction treatment therapies in combination with holistic interventions. Thus, we are able to focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit from the effects of addiction and mental health disorders. At The Healing Center, our mission is to provide each client an individualized treatment plan to help them build the foundation for long-term and sustainable recovery.

Addiction Treatment in South Florida

At The Healing Center, we’re ready to help you heal from addiction, trauma, and dual diagnosis disorders. Our programs are designed with the understanding that everyone’s circumstances are different. Therefore, our treatment plans are individualized for your personal needs.  Start your healing journey today by giving us a call or learn more about our admissions process.