What Are The Benefits Of IOP?

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Have you decided to take the courageous first step towards seeking help for your addiction? If you have, you could be in a position where you have to remain living at home, maintaining your job, education, family responsibilities, and other important things. Not everyone has the ability to stop their lives in order to attend inpatient treatment. In this case, an IOP, intensive outpatient program, may be the right fit for you. The benefit of IOP is that it allows you to maintain your responsibilities, while also getting the treatment for your addiction that you need. Our IOP program offers morning or night programs that pack as much therapeutic value as possible into each session.

What Is An IOP?

Every IOP program allows people to receive substance abuse treatment without having to reside in sober living or the residential facility. Some of the benefits of IOP are the number of different sessions that are offered. There is normally a day, afternoon, and evening session available to clients. The number of different sessions allow individuals to work around their family, school, and employment responsibilities. 

IOP sessions normally last about three hours. Clients are usually required to attend these sessions at least three times of week. The number of sessions is dependent on an initial assessment and if someone is entering an IOP program after completing a higher level of care.

Another benefit of IOP is that the same treatment modalities are offered as those available in PHP and residential treatment. Therapies available in IOP include individual, group, and holistic therapy. Additionally case management and medication assisted treatment are normally offered to clients who need it. 

Individual therapy allows clients to process one on one with a therapist. Normally, clients will discuss very personal topics, including trauma, self esteem issues, and negative behavioral thought and behavioral patterns. While group therapy allows clients to process different topics with the support and advice of their peers. 

Some of the benefits of IOP include the amount of peer support offered in them. Clients will have each other to lean on throughout the process. This is especially beneficial if you live at home instead of a sober living. It can be a way to connect with others that are also in recovery.

Every IOP treatment plan will vary depending on your individual needs, but they are all normally structured around the same core therapies–group and individual. The types of therapy may differ though. For example, a client might benefit from family trouble if they are having trouble at home. Alternatively, if someone is showing signs of PTSD trauma therapy will be incorporated into their treatment plan.

What Are The Benefits Of IOP?

Intensive outpatient programs allow you to still handle your day to day life while getting treatment for your addiction. IOP is normally done in a drug rehab facility, doctor’s office, or therapists office. Trained doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and addiction specialists are all involved in the treatment process. Additionally, other recovering addicts are involved in the peer support groups. This gives our clients the ability to connect with each other and build a support network with each other. 

Another one of the benefits of IOP is that the sessions are scheduled and meet on set days each week. This allows our clients to schedule their outside responsibilities appropriately. Furthermore, our clients are encouraged to get on a schedule with outside support groups, such as NA or AA. 

Intensive outpatient programs are very similar to inpatient programs in terms of therapy types and focus. One of the benefits of IOP is that clients do not need to completely set aside their job or family commitments. Not everyone can commit to an inpatient program. IOPs act as a middle ground. One of the greatest benefits of IOP is that you can implement the tools you are learning into your everyday life immediately. 

Another way that clients enter into IOPs is through a step down treatment program. Some people require long term support and a slow integration back into daily living. Leaving a residential program can be shocking for people. An IOP can be a buffer to offer continued support and therapy as someone gets used to living a new life in recovery.

The Benefits Of IOP and Advantages:

There are a lot of advantages and benefits of IOP treatment programs. Some of these include:

  • Flexible access to addiction treatment services 
  • More affordable than inpatient treatment
  • Treatment is done is a clinical setting
  • Proven to be more effective in early recovery then outpatient
  • Develop peer support 
  • Access to assistance in the event of a relapse
  • Accountability and medical supervision

IOP Treatment Facilities In Fort Lauderdale, FL

IOP is a great option for drug treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At The Healing Center we offer a flexible and supportive intensive outpatient program in South Florida. Whether you are coming from a higher level of care, or IOP is your first step you will receive the same therapeutic treatments. We have doctors, nurses, case managers, and licensed therapists working together to offer you or your loved one the best care possible. Reach out to our admissions team today to learn more about the benefits of IOP and how we can help you today.