What Are The Benefits Of Medication Assisted Treatment?

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Addiction is one of the number one health crises that our country currently faces. It is crucial that individuals have accessible treatment options that can help them get sober and maintain their recovery. This is where medication-assisted treatment can be helpful. One of the many benefits of medication assisted treatment is that it has been proven to be effective for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse.

What Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication assisted treatment is a form of medical treatment for addiction that utilizes certain pharmaceutical medications in order to help people recover from addiction. Stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol can be a difficult process and often leads to withdrawal symptoms. Thankfully, medication assisted treatment is available to help the detox process be more comfortable and reduce the number of cravings an individual experiences. At The Healing Center we have programs available that combine medication assisted treatment with behavioral therapies in order to treat both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction and alcoholism. This methodology has been proven to be the most effective way to help people achieve recovery. 

The prescriptions given in an MAT program are used to help reduce cravings, improve quality of life, achieve stabilization, and prevent relapse. Clients also have the freedom to choose how long they would like to be in a medication assisted program. Some people only take the medication for a short period of time while detoxing, others find it beneficial to stay on the medications until they feel stable enough to slowly taper off of them. No matter what, the client is always given the supervision and support they need to feel comfortable and safe.


When Can MAT Be Used?

Medication assisted treatment can be used in various stages of the recovery process. There are also different medications that are normally suggested for different situations. Individuals who are struggling with opiate addictions are commonly prescribed MAT during the detox process. Opiate withdrawal can be severely uncomfortable. Due to the symptoms of detox it is easy for a person to relapse within the initial months of abstinence. Certain MAT medications help to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and prevent cravings. Commonly prescribed drugs for opiate withdrawal include:

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone
  • Subutex

Alcoholics also benefit from medication assisted treatment. Drugs like Antabuse create an unpleasant reaction when someone drinks, which can lead to either a reduction in drinking or help prevent someone from drinking.

The beginning stages of recovery are normally when people are prescribed MAT medications, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people may find that they need medications like Vivitrol later on in their recovery journey. While others may choose to stay in a medication assisted program long term. 

One of the benefits of medication assisted treatment is the flexibility of the programs. There isn’t a set time frame or treatment plan that works for every single client. At The Healing Center we want our clients to choose the path which they believe will help their recovery the most.


Medications Implemented Into Treatment Plans

When someone enters into a medication assisted program they meet with both doctors and therapists that specialize in the treatment of addiction. A benefit of MAT programs is that they are normally affiliated or a part of a drug rehab program. Another one of the benefits of medication assisted treatment is that the medications are incorporated into an overall treatment plan.

Treatment plans in MAT programs will combine a variety of different therapies with prescription drugs in order to drastically improve a patient’s chances of long-term recovery. Clients will not only check in with a doctor, but they will also be offered individual therapy, group therapy, and case management services. The goal of MAT programs is to treat the addiction as a whole. Every piece of addiction must be addressed in order to set the foundation for sobriety. 

Medication Assisted Treatment Programs In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Healing Center, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers one of the best medication assisted treatment programs in South Florida. We offer our MAT clients a myriad of therapeutic services while they attend our program, in order to address the underlying causes of the addiction. We want our clients to succeed. We also believe that there isn’t a one size fits all way of treating addiction. Every single one of our clients is unique. Therefore, they require individualized treatment plans and timelines. If you or someone you love would like more information on the benefits of medication assisted treatment, reach out to our admissions team today.