PHP Vs IOP : What Are The Differences?

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Addiction is such a sensitive issue in different parts of the world. About 2 million people are battling drug, alcohol, and other mental health issues or substance abuse disorders yearly. Addiction translates to an increased number of people in addiction rehabilitation facilities. Bearing this in mind, communities in different areas offer comprehensive health care programs for people who have issues with drug, alcohol addiction, and health disorders. The different levels of care offered for addiction treatment can be confusing. Here at the the Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale we strive to educate our clients as much as possible. In this article we explain the differences between PHP vs IOP.

How Does Addiction Treatment in South Florida Work?

Addiction treatment programs are offered in residential rehab, either through inpatient and outpatient care. The significant difference between these is that patients require an overnight stay in inpatient care, while outpatient care refers to treating people who may not need overnight care. For this article, we will explore the

Residential rehabilitation is much different then PHP and IOP. The establishment is saddled with taking care of outpatients in the setting of a resident. Hence, this gives the patients the home away from home feel. The first thing Residential rehabilitations do is perform detoxification. This procedure entails removing all harmful substances, drugs that have damaged the body of the patient. Consequently, there are different plans to rehabilitate patients suffering from addiction and other health issues, which the clinical make based on their judgment. However, choosing a viable plan or program for you depends on a host of factors best known to the specialists.

The PHP and IOP plans are not the only program clinics in residential rehabs choose for patients, but we will examine these two programs in this discourse’s interest. Hence, for us to understand their differences, we take a look at what each plan is.

What is PHP or Partial Hospitalization?

PHP is an acronym for Partial Hospitalization Program, which describes how patients can receive treatment in therapy and other activities during the day and return to their homes at night. To fully enjoy this type of treatment, it will be necessary to choose a facility close to your home. The PHP setting is more like a bridge in the middle of full-time inpatient care and outpatient care. The Partial Hospitalization Program is a unique and inclusive setting for patients to receive treatment alongside familiar faces. This makes the process a little bit faster as there is a familiar face to help patients get through the program. PHP patients enjoy different forms of therapy, such as:

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Mindfulness training
  • Yoga
  • Arts therapy

These activities help to engage the mind and body of the patient in their road to recovery.  PHP enhances the support system features as there is a sense of belonging in this program. The patients believe that they are part of something great, which fuels their mind to become even better at life.

What is IOP or Intensive Outpatient?

The Intensive Outpatient program is not far from the Partial Hospitalization program. IOP does not require patients to stay for overnight care, but they have a shorter day time than PHP. Consequently, IOP is a rehabilitation plan that suits people who are still in the process of recovery while accommodating their work and their lives. Most patients opt for this kind of program when they want to repair family issues to work on a specific character or health problems that may not necessarily be a threat to society. In essence, people who choose the IOP program already have a stable life, but some traits may hinder them in getting some things out of life. IOP is for milder behavioral disorder cases as the patients can come for their therapy sessions and activities and leave to work. Although the period is shorter, the plan has almost the same actions as PHP. These activities include:

  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Family therapy.

Furthermore, IOP is a more personalized program en route to a patient’s recovery from addiction in South Florida. Most times, patients have already recovered, but this plan helps to sensitize them to living in the real world helping them continue to avoid relapse. It is a process of being firmly rooted in the change that is freedom from addiction.

 So, PHP VS IOP: What are the differences?

From the juxtaposition in the above explanations, it is clear that there are some similarities between the two outpatient approaches. However, there are significant differences that will suit individual needs. One of those differences in PHP vs IOP is the length of stay.

PHP offers a more extended period of stay than IOP, mainly because of some reasons: the patient either just started the recovery process or wants to commit to the rehab center fully. Other reasons could be that the individual has lost most everything asides from the support of the family. Regardless, PHP takes a bit longer time during the day while IOP suits people trying to find a proper balance in their lives, work, and family.

Secondly, individuals in PHP vs IOP often recover from addiction with other people by their sides, either family or people from the same group. On the other hand, IOP is more personalized, although some occasions where a group is involved. Albeit, PHP is more group-oriented than IOP.

Thirdly, a patient can step from the PHP program to an IOP program depending on how well the drug and alcohol rehabilitation goes. There may be an agreed number of days that the individuals have with the clinical if all goes well with the PHP plan’s initial intensive treatment.

PHP OR IOP: What is best for you?

As long as you do not want the program intruding on your life or your loved ones’ space, PHP or IOP plans will be the best suit. However, getting the right addiction treatment program in South Florida will be based on a careful assessment of how long you need the treatment and a healthy support system at home. Despite the prevailing factors, you need to think about the program that suits your lifestyle and benefit you long term—this outpatient care helps improve your overall wellbeing and empowers you to take on the world. Choosing the right plan and properly completing the course will not only give you confidence but freedom from what substance held you bound only a short time ago.

PHP And IOP Programs In South Florida

The Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers a wide range of addiction rehab services in South Florida. During our pre-evaluation process we will explain the different levels of care to you. Then we help you determine the best fit. Our goal is to provide a safe, flexible, and compassionate environment for each of our clients to build the foundation of their recovery. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab program conveniently located near the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale, FL.