Ways Of Reducing Anxiety Without Medication

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When it comes to mental health, it has become increasingly more important in recent years to mentally take care of your body. While physical health has always been a subject freely spoken about, mental health has had a stigma attached to it. This is not the case anymore. With the rise in mental health diagnoses like anxiety and depression, mental health has been at the forefront of the medical community’s topics of conversation.

In today’s society, it is hard to shield yourself from the stressors that the world provides. You watch TV, listen to music, or even go to work or school and there is the risk of something triggering feelings of anxiety. How do  you manage that anxious feeling? There are different ways that you can reduce anxiety without medication. There are other solutions out there, and this may come as a surprise to some. But understanding anxiety, and having the coping skills to manage anxiety inducing situations will help immensely in the long run.

What is Anxiety?

There are many ways that anxiety can manifest itself. There are the physical symptoms that can occur, like shaking your leg or staying busy all of the time. There are also the more internalized symptoms like nervousness, or worry and/or fear surrounding normal life circumstances and challenges. These feelings generally pass with time, or when the stressor is gone. However, sometimes they are long term. Anxiety can be an indicator of some other underlying mental health challenge if these symptoms are prolonged and begin to interfere with your day to day life. How can you reduce anxiety without medications? There are many different things that you can do to ensure a healthy mind and less anxiety.

What Are Ways Of Reducing Anxiety Without Medication?

When it comes to reducing anxiety without medication, it generally takes discipline and determination to make life changes for the long haul. You have to be mindful of the anxiety triggers, and indicators that you may be feeling anxious. Ways that you can manage and reduce anxiety without medications can include:

  • Exercise: Physical activity can help to relieve the feelings of anxiousness and nervousness. By focusing on movement rather than the feelings, you can distract yourself and generally expel some of the energy that is causing the anxiety. Move a muscle, change a thought.
  • Eating Healthy: Being conscious of what you put into your body is an essential part of reducing anxiety without medication. A healthy diet allows for vital nutrients to enter your body, and in turn fuel your body for proper functionality both physically and mentally. If you are only eating greasy, fatty foods, it can affect your mood. A balanced, healthy diet can change the way you feel physically, as well as mentally.
  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine: These mind and mood altering substances don’t allow for your brain to function properly without them. They all have addictive qualities to them, and in response to not having them, you can sometimes feel heightened anxiety levels.
  • Sleep: Rest is a key component to reducing anxiety without medication, and allowing for good mental health. Your body requires sleep to reset and refuel, so that it can go through the next day’s challenges without troubles. If you do not get enough sleep, or your sleep is interrupted, it can affect your mental health and cause anxiety levels to seem higher. Sleeping can help to alleviate the stressor of the previous day, and allow you to start new when you wake up.
  • Breathing Techniques: It is that simple. Taking slow and measured, deep breaths can help you to reduce anxiety without medication. Breathing allows for oxygen to flow into your brain and can allow you to react in a more positive manner to the stressor. If you take a deep breath before reacting, you can more clearly understand what is going on and how you can get through it.
  • Meditation: The purpose of meditation is to center your mind and body. This can allow you to slow any racing thoughts, and in turn reduce anxiety without medication. It takes practice and self discipline to get your mind to a place where it can easily be calmed, but practice makes perfect!

One of the best ways to reduce anxiety without medication is to talk with a professional. Freely being able to express your feelings, and getting honest and open feedback and support in return can be one of the most effective things you can do. It allows for a safe space so that you can navigate your feelings and know that you can and will make it through them.

Treatments For Reducing Anxiety Without Medication In South Florida

At The Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale our team of professionals is here to help guide you through learning what triggers your anxiety, and to feeling relief. The goal of these professionals is to help you learn new coping skills and techniques that will allow you to live your best life, and get through those moments when anxiety strikes. There is help out there for you. Reach out to us today through our admissions team and begin your journey.