What Is A Holistic Drug Rehab?

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Over the past few decades it has become increasingly more popular for healthcare providers to incorporate alternative or holistic treatment approaches into traditional western medicine. Addiction treatment is no exception to this trend. Holistic drug rehab options are growing in numbers and have become increasingly more accessible to the general public.

Furthermore, almost every drug rehab in the United States now offers a variety of holistic treatment methods within their programs. It has been proven that alternative and holistic methodologies improve individual’s physical and mental wellness. Therefore, most drug treatment facilities believe they are an integral part of the overall treatment plan for alcoholism and substance abuse disorders. 


What Does The Term Holistic Mean?

The term holistic refers to a “whole person” way of approaching healthcare treatments. Holistic treatment providers focus on both the mind and body at the same time in order to achieve complete healing. The majority of drug rehabs in the U.S. recognize that holistic approaches improve both a patient’s psychological and physical wellness. Holistic treatments include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional education. These treatments will normally improve not only clients’ time in rehab, but also improve their daily life outside of treatment.

What Is A Holistic Drug Rehab?

A holistic drug rehab is a type of treatment facility that incorporates alternative therapeutic approaches into their traditional programs. Normally, holistic drug rehabs consider a client’s mental, physical, and spiritual well being when creating treatment plans. Holistic therapies may also be considered as alternative or complementary services. Some therapies are even derived from certain spiritual or cultural traditions, such as meditation.

Generally, the following therapies are normally included in a holistic drug rehab:

  • Massage.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure.
  • Reiki 
  • Energy work
  • Yoga
  • Meditation 
  • Biofeedback and neuro-feedback
  • Nutritional programs and education
  • Herbal medicine and supplements

The above are just come examples of the wide range of treatments that are considered to be holistic. There have been many studies in regards to the effectiveness of holistic treatments on substance abuse and overall wellness. For example, Harvard Medical school reported that yoga balances stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Therefore, holistic drug rehabs implement yoga into treatment plans in order to help clients process stress and develop healthy coping skills.

The most important thing to understand about holistic therapies, is that they focus on a person’s overall well-being. Holistic treatments do not treat a single symptom or behavior. Rather, the goal is to improve someone’s life as a whole. Therefore, holistic drug rehabs aim to treat the broad set of factors that lead to the development of addiction, rather than simply treating the addictive behavior itself.


How To Incorporate Holistic Techniques for Addiction Treatment

Mostly, holistic treatments are used in conjunction with the more classic standards of treatment for addiction. When the two methodologies are combined they normally help with:

  • Withdrawal symptoms (e.g. massage can help with muscle spasms).
  • Stress and other emotional struggles that may have contributed to the development of the addiction
  • A lack of ability to emotionally regulate
  • Unhealthy nutritional habits

Many people believe that complementary and alternative healthcare approaches improve the chances of patients achieving long-term recovery. However, it is normally recommended that holistic treatments are combined with western medical approaches. The two treatments should be used together, rather than as a replacement for each other. 


What Are The Goals Of Holistic Drug Rehabs?

When someone is struggling with addiction, it is normal for them to neglect their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Conversely, addiction is what is known as a threefold disease. Meaning, it affects the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic therapy is a type of integrative treatment that improves recovery by aligning and balancing these three aspects.

Early recovery normally brings a multitude of challenges including poor diet, lack of sleep, and emotional stressors. It can be hard to overcome the unhealthy lifestyle and habits that were developed during active addiction. However, holistic therapies can help the process and improve daily living moving forward.

The main goals of holistic therapy for substance treatment include: 

  • Identify the root causes for the addiction
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce and treat cravings
  • Promote nutrition and exercise
  • Build healthy coping skills
  • Improve spirituality through mindfulness

It is important to understand that the majority of holistic drug rehabs combine alternative and traditional therapies within their programs. This methodology yields the best results and provides for a well-rounded treatment plan. Many clients continue to utilize and practice holistic therapeutic methods long after they have left treatment.

Holistic Drug Rehabs In South Florida

The Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers a multitude of holistic therapies within our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Our staff are all trained and certified in addiction treatment and they understand the importance of healing both the mind and body. Thus, we utilize holistic treatment options to enhance the results of our traditional substance abuse treatment practices.

We know that the key to succeeding in long term recovery is taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you are looking for a holistic drug rehab in South Florida, then look no further. Our programs offer the best of both traditional and alternative medicine. Begin on the path to healing today. Contact our admissions team now to get started.