Why Is Mental Health Awareness Important?

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Mental health awareness is now a hot topic in the current media climate. As new generations are exposed to more and more education surrounding mental health, the old adage of “don’t talk about it” is going away. But for those who don’t understand that a stigma is still attached to mental illness, it is important to have an understanding about why mental health awareness is important.  For centuries mental health illnesses were stigmatized by cultures and the media. Mental health awareness provides education surrounding the topic. Thus, it leads to mental illnesses becoming more accepted and understood. 


What Is Mental Health Awareness?

Mental health awareness is extremely important when it comes to breaking the barriers for access to treatments. It helps educate the public at large. The message of the movement is to teach people that it is okay to discuss mental health issues, struggles, treatments, and diagnoses. Breaking the stigma that has been attached to mental health helps millions of people. Furthermore, it spreads the awareness that help is available through mental health treatment programs. 


What Are The Benefits Of Mental Health Awareness?

Bringing awareness to mental health has many benefits. Foremost, it is the foundation for breaking the stigma in regards to mental health issues. Taking the time to educate yourself and your loved ones about mental health is pivotal. Through these steps you are able to identify any mental health struggles you may be experiencing. In addition, you will be able to offer support and guidance if you see a loved one struggling too. 

It is still common for people to be unsure of how to discuss mental health issues. Awareness teaches people that it is okay to have conversations and ask for help about mental health. Mental health education also helps people learn how to identify their symptoms and where to go to get the proper treatment. 

At The Healing Center we believe that wellness of the mind is just as important as wellness of the body. We educate our clients about the signs and symptoms of mental illness in order to bring awareness to their mental health. We teach clients that it is important to ask for help and if they ignore their mental wellness, then they are at a higher risk for relapse. Learn more about our therapeutic programs here.


Which Mental Health Disorders Need More Awareness? 

Every single mental health diagnosis benefits from receiving awareness. But some need more public education compared to others. Many people still do not understand the severity, symptoms, or reality of certain mental health disorders. People may make jokes or see unrealistic depictions in the media. This can make those who are struggling feel stigmatized and prevent them from asking for help. The less understood mental health diagnosis include:


  • Schizophrenia-Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness. People who struggle with this normally interpret reality differently. Schizophrenia signs and symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking and behaviors. These symptoms can impair a person’s ability to function. People are often extremely stigmatized, even though schizophrenia is treatable.
  • Bipolar Disorder-formerly known manic depression, bipolar disorder has three different categories. This diagnosis causes mood swings, lowers concentration, and disrupts the ability to take care of daily responsibilities.
  • PTSD-PTSD develops when people are exposed to traumatic events. PTSD can cause flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, and night terrors. PTSD is often misunderstood due to the fact that everyone processes events differently.
  • Anxiety-Anxiety is another potentially debilitating disease. Anxiety is often overlooked or written off as someone being dramatic. Mental health awareness and education teaches the seriousness of the illness. 

How To Get Mental Health Treatment In South Florida

Obtaining mental health treatment in South Florida may feel overwhelming, but there is help available. This is especially true for individuals struggling with both substance abuse and mental health diagnoses. It has been proven that if people ignore their mental health struggles they have an increased chance for relapse after leaving drug rehab. 

Maintaining your mental wellness is crucial to achieving overall well-being while in recovery. The Healing Center offers a dual diagnosis program that treats both your addiction and co-occurring disorders. At our program you will receive therapeutic interventions for both including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Case management

Our clinical team has over a hundred combined years of experience in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field. Our programs offer evidenced based treatment in a compassionate and healing environment. We also take the time to bring mental health awareness to each and every single one of our clients. We believe in teaching our clients to be in tune with both their emotional and physical well being. Our goal is to give our clients the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and to see them succeed.

Mental Health And Dual Diagnosis Facilities In South Florida

The Healing Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers one of the most premier mental health and dual diagnosis treatment facilities in South Florida. We understand the importance of mental wellness. Our goal is to stabilize our clients and provide them with the treatment they need to go on to living fruitful and fulfilling lives. There is no need to feel alone or stigmatized by your mental health diagnosis. Asking for help is the best thing you can do for your overall well being. Reach out to our admissions team today to begin your healing journey.